2022 Nail Trends

So it's 2022 - you know what they say, another year, another nail trend. Whilst hair, skincare & makeup have been dominating our social media recently, we can now see a massive increase in all things nails replacing womens instagram feeds. It seems 2022 will be bringing us a mixture of nail trends when it comes to our nails, and we'll be showing you our Press On False Nails that match every trend.

Let's browse through all the nail trends we know about so far:

1. Fresh Neutrals
Yes, neutrals. A classic nude is timeless and perfect for anyone who doesn't like 'loud' nails, but still want to look as if they've made an effort. They're also an all year round classic, especially if your job doesn't allow extravigent nails.

2. Alternative French
We briefly encountered this trend in 2021, but this year it's back and bigger than ever. Whilst you can't go wrong with a classic french, 2022 is here to switch things up. An alternative french mani can be anything from alternative colours on the tips, to an alternation design on each tip.

3. Micro Mani
A micro mani is a very simple mani, usually created with nail stickers, but you can use regular nail polish and a nail art brush to create the same look. This mani is great for anyone who prefers a simpler look. You can also use smaller nail jems to achieve the look, as seen in our press on false nails 'Keep It Short & Sweet':

4. Blue Nails
That's right, blue is the colour of 2022! There's no right or wrong way to incorporate blue into your nails designs. Whether you decide to stick to solid blue nails, or use them as block colours on nude nails to create your own nail designs is completely up to you.

5. Animal Print
Animal print have a lot of people devided for years, however they are here to stay. We've seen a lot of zebra print recently, but cow print and leopard print are making their comeback. Make a statement with print on your nails, or just give your mani a subtle hint of print like our Press On False Nails in 'We Mooove' as seen below.

6. Bold Patterns
Bold patterns have always been popular during the summer period, and this year is no exception. There is no right or wrong way to wear these, the bolder the better, so prepare to see the boldest & brightest manicures & press on nails in 2022.

7. Clear Jelly Nails
This trend is a particular favourite of ours; your nails start as a blanc canvas and you're able to unleash your inner creative nail artist and experiment with different nail designs. The power is in your hands, literally. You can choose to stick to the latest nail trends and recreate them on your jelly nails, or create your own nail art designs and start a new trend!